Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Astronomy Lesson Part Two: Student becomes the Teacher

Following my miserable attempt at explaining (away) day and night, I have pledged to be more precise in my answers to the flood of three-year-old "whys." Even ventured a little science lesson on the way to school this morning. After several days of overcast, fall weather, the sun was shining brightly this morning.

I mentioned to Bryn that the sun is really a big, big star. (smiling to myself that I had gotten it right this time, and that I would little by little add to what she knew about the solar system--and correctly from here on out.) I think her first response was "Oh." But about a mile later, she added.

"Mommy, the sun is a biiiiig, biiiiiggg CIRCLE, not a STAR."

Honestly, how can you argue with that?

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Beau said...

Tell the one about "made me wiggle"!!!