Monday, April 20, 2009

To the Power of Ew

Usually Bryn is an adventurous eater. She'll try nearly anything, and really loves lots of foods that other kids probably wouldn't touch. But tonight...not so much.

I put some Parmesan crusted basa on her plate with some whole grain rice. Bryn will dive into fish before she'd eat grilled chicken, but that rice. She turned her nose up at that before I even sat down at the table.

"I don't like that, Mommy." Again, before I even sat down.

"Have you tried it yet, Bryn?"

"No, because it smells ew."

"I'd really like you to try it before you decide, please." (We're big on trying, but not on forcing a person to eat something they find to be "ew.")

Kindly, she takes a bite of the rice. I kid you not...she started to shiver and shake her head. We asked if it was too hot, but she was already in the process of spitting it back onto her plate saying, "That is not very good, Mommy."

"Okay, sweetheart. You don't have to eat it if you don't like it. Thanks for trying it."

"But, Mommy, what am I going to do with this rice?"

"Honey, you can just leave it on your plate and eat the other stuff. It will be okay."

She went on to eat all of her fish, and her roll, and her salad. However, halfway through dinner, I look over, and she's quietly holding her nose and eating. Poor thing...suffering in silence.

We gave in and scraped it all into the trash so that she could enjoy her dinner in aroma-peace.

PS: for the record, I also thought the rice was pretty ew.

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