Thursday, August 13, 2009

TMI Alert: Feeling Womanly

Knowing as I write that this is highly likely a) unnecessary and b) unwelcome information for most readers (assuming there are any to begin with), I feel compelled to share some feelings I've had the past couple of days.

Man, I feel like a woman.

Did I sincereiously just quote Shania Twain?! Ugh, I should go to bed now. (By the way, I mis-spoke this evening and combined sincere and seriously...and kind of liked it. Am going to try to make it an actual word and see if it catches on with others. Beau and I have a deal to try to work it into conversation.)

I am of the ilk who think that breastfeeding is among the highest callings of motherhood. Even working full time, I've made it a priority for both my children. I gladly and successfully pumped for an entire year with Bryn, and continued to nurse her for nearly another year. Colt has been a different story. I don't know the source of the difference, but my milk supply has been very different with him. Work stress has been higher, so that may be part of it, but the bottom line is that we are definitely limping to the one-year mark.

Yesterday, I officially called the pumping bit and didn't even take my pump to work. To punctuate that point, I WORE A NORMAL BRA!!!!

And can I just say, it was every sense of the word.

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