Thursday, May 6, 2010

Miss Thing goes to Kinder

Yesterday was kindergarten registration. Bryn was totally excited about the promise that holds for her next year. She just missed the cut off for going to kinder last year, so she'll be one of the oldest in her class. She's tall for her age and has the confidence of a thousand men, so after the few short minutes it took to fill out all the paperwork, all I could think was that there was no way they knew what they were getting into with her.

Some of the papers asked for me to describe her and her interests. What could I possibly say that would communicate her in three lines or less? Bryn is the kind of person you just have to experience.

I was in the middle of filling out the first form (just prior to realizing that the second paper in my stack was in triplicate, so everything I had just written had gone through to that form...argh! who orders the pages that way!?) when Bryn asked me quite earnestly...."Mom, I'm wondering who my friends might be." I, of course, have no better clue than she does about such things, so I suggested she introduce herself to the other little girl (patiently) waiting for her mom to notice that the second form was in triplicate. Without a bit of hesitation, Bryn said, "Do you want to be my friend?"

The girl said, "sure"...and that was that. Bryn did note...aloud..."You'll be my first friend with hair that short." They talked a little bit about the colors they were using to color, the states they'd been to, and such.

When I finished the forms, we were to take them to a table manned by a nurse and a teacher. The nurse checked her immunization record and the teacher looked over all of the other stuff and told us the deal. Just before she handed us a stack of papers, Bryn said, "We were hoping to take a tour of the building while we were here." My jaw dropped. That was, of course, true, but she just said it in such a mature way...I think the teacher was even a little off guard. She proceeded to tell us about kindergarten orientation in August which was a special night that we could tour the school and play on the playground. Bryn's response: "That's disappointing."

Like I said, they just can't know what is in store.

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