Friday, January 29, 2010

Is it too early to start planning?

I'm guessing that it is probably a little early to start planning a wedding when the bride and groom are only 5. I think their preschool teacher may have mentioned something about her husband one time, and from then on, the entire room was obsessed with pairing up. I heard reports regularly that "Canyon wants to marry me, but I want to marry Dominic." Quite the dilemma before you even start school. I tried to probe for what exactly it was about Dominic that she liked. Her response one time: "I like that he has Bakugans." I guess that's the five-year old version of "he drives a nice car."

Oh, and she wants to marry someone Daddy. I'm trying to get her to think more deeply about such things, so one time I added that I'd like her to marry someone who loved God. Her response: "Mom, (incredulously) everyone loves God.....except for bad guys. and I'm NOT going to marry a bad guy."

Tonight's version of the conversation included a detailed accounting for the wedding garb. She's determined that she wants to wear "a sparkly white dress with a crown and the hanging down thing (veil) but just in the back even though Avery said you have to have it in front of your face and then your guy does like this and puts it in the back but I don't want it to do that just in the front." Whew...gotta love a girl who knows what she likes.

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